Testimonials from Customers of Toronto Cash & Carry

At Toronto Cash & Carry we love to receive feedback from our customers. Not only does it tell us what we’re doing right, it also lets us know ways we can improve our service.

On this page we have gathered some of our recent reviews. If you’d like to add your voice, simply send us a note or electronic message, or leave a review on Yelp!

“A clean store with excellent service”
If you are looking for quality spices, nuts and lentils then this is store!! What a clean store with excellent service!! Both husband and wife are very helpful and great service!! I will always and will continue to shop at this store!!
Nimi D.

“Loved the quality and choices available”
Excellent service! Wide range of fresh fruits from all over the world. Loved the quality and the choices available. Found the best Indian and Pakistani mangoes here... Humm yummy!
Mohamed D.

"Great products, curious name"
I'm just gonna come right out and say it: forget Tommy Atkins.

I hate that guy.

I have no idea why the green and red mangoes that yield approximately one square centimetre of actual edible fruit, are named after him, nor do I care to find out. They're a huge bummer and waste of money, and they give the other, superior mango cultivars a bad name. They are also, almost certainly, the cause of many knife slips (I speak from experience - I've many wasted minutes trying to salvage something from these inedible and fruitless beasts). Anyone who doesn't like mangoes hasn't ever tried an alphonso or ataulfo.

The soft, sweet yellow orb that I have a salacious love affair with every summer can be had for $10.99 a crate (12-15 mangoes) at the curiously named "Toronto Cash & Carry." Kohinoor Foods down the street brags about having them for $8.99 a case, but almost all of theirs are shrivelled and wrinkly, way overripe and past due.

I have no clue why this tiny grocery store in Little India has a name fit for a pawn shop or payday loan shop, but like the origins of the Tommy Atkins mango, who cares??
Kat F.

“They've got a bunch of the essential Indian spices”
I've been looking for curry leaves in order to make a rendang and to add to other curries, but they do not seem to be a standard item at St Lawrence or any of the Chinatown shops. A mini-trek to Little India was in order, during which I stumbled upon Toronto Cash & Carry.

This is a great shop just at the start of Little India, which had curry leaves and other Indian produce on display out the front. I was able to pick up a nice little bag of curry leaves for a buck fifty.

They've got a bunch of the essential Indian spices inside, so it is the perfect place to go to if you are planning on making any authentic Indian recipe.

For those that have not used curry leaves before, they add a great flavour and the bag I bought will last in the fridge for more curries that I'll be making in the near future.
Glen M.